EVERYTOKTOK starts a new concept of scalp treatment.

Scalp is also included in face!

You provide various cosmetics and nutrition for your face, but what do you do for your scalp? 

The function of shampoo is to wash hair. Shampoo alone is not enough. 

Please give nutrition and moisturizing every day for your scalp. 

Every day scalp nutrition moisturizing project – “EVERYTOKTOK”




Of 50 million people, 10 million people, or one in five, are suffering from hair problems. 

Many people are investing time and money to solve this problem, but the solution seems to be invisible. 

Many products sold currently on the market are not getting the trust of consumers. 

Now you need to find a way to get healthy hair from usual way.


It is a compound word of "EVERYDAY", which means daily scalp care, and "TOKTOK", which means tapping.

We named it EVERYTOKTOK because it can be used conveniently and continuously with tapping lightly every day. 

It is common sense to give nutrition and moisture to your face after washing it. 

But most people do not know the concept of foundation makeup on their hair. 

Shampoo is just used for washing hair. Shampoo alone is not enough. 

Using hair dryer or other devices without the process of foundation makeup on the scalp,

the scalp becomes dry and exposed directly to the external harmful environment. 

This is why we need to provide nutrition after shampooing. 

The scalp is like a tree. Hair roots (roots) and scalp (soil) should be provided with enough nutrition. 

A well-managed scalp and a poorly managed scalp show a difference in terms of hair health over time. 

Now, with EVERYTOKTOK, you can make healthy scalp and rich hair to 100 years old.



Experience the nutrition and exceptionalness of EVERYTOKTOK!

Scalp and hair roots improvement effect 

of oriental medicine Yukmijihwang 


Clean scalp and healthy hair root are made by using "Yukmijihwang solution" manufactured by hydrothermal distillation extraction method, applying the hair roots biotechnology patent of BIO_FD & C, a leader of biotechnology.

1. Manufacturing method of hydrothermal distillation extraction system

- Step 1: Mixing herbal medicine ingredients such as sukjihwang(Rehmannia glutinosa), corni, alisma, dioscorea batatas root, baekboklyeong, and moutan, and then making hydrothermal extract.

- Step 2: The herbal composition is prepared by heating the hydrothermal extract and cooling the resulting vapor to obtain a distillate. 

2. Effect of hydrothermal distillation extraction

- Minimization of nutrient destruction of herbal ingredients.

- It is easy to penetrate the hair roots because the active ingredient of the herb becomes fine particles by distillation extraction. 

- Substances that can cause scalp irritation are removed. 

*This extraction method has been patented and its technology has been recognized. (Patent Registration No. 10-0780180)

Hair damage

improvement effect of

silk amino acids

It contains 18 amino acids that match the ingredients of the hair, helping to improve damaged hair and providing excellent moisturizing and moisture retention.

Nourishing and

moisturizing effect of argan oil

Argan oil, which contains more than twice the amount of vitamin E (tocopherol) 

and omega-6 than olive oil and more than 80% of its fruit is composed of unsaturated fatty acids, 

makes the scalp healthier with its excellent moisturizing effect.

Skin affinity of extracted water from natural source

Scalp troubles are alleviated and clean and healthy scalp can be maintained by using natural extracts with high skin-affinity including rosemary extract, chamomile extract, and tea tree leaf extract.



Comfortable and effective Functions of EVERYTOKTOK


It can be easily used for scalp by tapping lightly


Due to the cross-nozzle structure,

the solution can be applied strongly 

and widely.


 No skin damage due to soft silicone brush!


 Patent technology to deliver the solution deeply into the hair roots


A scalp massage is automatically provided owing to its usage of tapping (there is no need to massage after use like other spray products).


You can save time. Only 30 seconds is needed.


It is clean because the solution does not leak.


It is possible for you to use it by yourself (even it can also be used for invisible back hair).

The figure that EVERYTOKTOK 

actually provides nutrition 

to the scalp

before use

after use



After wash your hair, dry it with a towel, and apply product before you blow-dry with a hair dryer.


Tap lightly the scalp with a silicone brush


When you open the produce at the first time, tap it around 20 times on your back hand to until the solution comes out. (When second time, you don’t need this procedure.)


Patent registration of Solution Domestic Technology

Test Report (EVERYTOKTOK for men)

Test Report (EVERYTOKTOK for women)

Patent registration of Korean Container Technology

Patent application for Japan

Patent application for China

Patent application for USA

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