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‘EVERYTOKTOK' means Tap (TokTok) Everyday. 

In hair loss & scalp care, it is important to provide such care regularly as daily routine.

For continuous care, the product should be reliable and easy-to-use.

EVERYTOKTOK started with hair tonics for brand-new hair loss & scalp care.

We have made continued efforts to develop more convenient and effective products by solving the problems of conventional products. 

We target to evolve into a trustworthy total beauty care company through continued R&Ds.

"Applying new technology to the skin"

Natural functional beauty care cosmetics



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Apr.   ‘EVERYTOKTOK’ registered in Japan (Registration No. 6372489)

Apr.   ‘Hair Tonic’ registered on FDA-OTC (NDC Code: 81752-010-01, 81752-010-02)

Feb.   Obtained a utility patent in China with Hair Tonic (Registration No. 4247956, Cap for scalp care container capable of applying liquid)

Jan.   Obtained NMPA in China with Whole Body Powder Cleanser (Registration No. 2021000024)

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Aug.   Launched the production and sales of Tapping Shampoo and Whole Body Powder Cleanser

Jul.   Started to export Hair Tonic and Powder Shampoo (to Singapore, China, Malaysia, etc.)

Mar.   A patent applied for A Granular Shampoo Manufacturing Method Using Salt in the Rep.of Korea

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Sep.   Obtained a utility patent in Japan with Hair Tonic (Registration No. 6585730, Cap for scalp care container capable of applying liquid)

Sep.   Obtained NMPA in China with Hair Tonic (Registration No. 2019000262)

Sep.  ‘EVERYTOKTOK’ registered in China (Registration No. 36105760)

May   Awarded the Prize of the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy on Invention Day (Hair Tonic, Powder Shampoo)

Feb.   ‘EVERYTOKTOK (爱芙俪特)’ registered in China (Registration No. 30045008)

Jan.   Launched the production and sales of Powder Shampoo

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Dec.  Awarded bronze prize at Korea Invention Patent Exhibition (Hair Tonic bottle structure)

Nov.  A patent applied for A Powder Shampoo Manufacturing Method in the Republic of Korea

Mar.  Obtained a utility patent with Hair Tonic (Registration No. 10-1858427, Cap for scalp care container capable of applying liquid)

2 0 1 7

Jan.   Launched the production and sales of ‘EVERYTOKTOK Hair Tonic’

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Jun.   ‘EVERYTOKTOK’ registered in the Republic of Korea (Registration No. 40-1257970)

Mar.   A utility patent applied for Hair Tonic in the U.S., Japan and China 

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Dec.  Company established

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